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2 Volvo dump trucks and new Hitachi with riddling bucket removing dry stone dykes and convert fields to construct new farm roads at Patrick Stevens farm Carden near Oyne fork - See our Volvo moxys and Excavator in action (click here)

Site preparation for Caledonian seed plant head quarters

Pond Clearing at the Mill House Aquherton

Soak away construction and landscaping at Caledonian seeds

John Forests private house site

Site preparation for Cove Nurseries

Laser level puts top soil accurately back on for a green house building at Cove Nurseries

Land Reclamation at Bill Macraes at Bogs of Plaidy

Leica Laser working at West Fingask near Oldmeldrum putting in accurate field drains

Working our own design of tool for clamping and laying pipes when working in deep unsafe areas when draining. This saves someone going down into the trench to connect the pipes together